Medical Toothpaste with Fluid Enamel

for natural smooth, healthy and white teeth

ApaCare Zahncreme und RepairBrush and maintain teeth with liquid dental enamel

White teeth are not only a symbol of beauty but also a sign of good health. However, dental enamel, the protective layer of our teeth, is threatened every day: Not only bacteria, but also acidic food and drink are new challenges for it on a daily basis. Staining deposits (e.g. through tea or coffee) can also affect the aesthetics of your teeth. Dental enamel cannot grow back, so it is not possible to repair already damaged areas. This is where ApaCare comes into play: Liquid dental enamel (medical hydroxyl apatite) enables not only the build-up of a temporary enamel layer, but also the strengthening of your own dental enamel.

The result: less sensitiveness (e.g. to hot and cold stimuli), protection against caries and parodontitis, healthy teeth through strengthened dental enamel - and therefore whiter and smoother teeth.

You can

  • whiten teeth without bleaching
  • prevent caries
  • rebuild damaged dental enamel
  • protect sensitive teeth

with Liquid dental enamel!

ApaCare products can be purchased from your pharmacy or from selected dentists.